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Milestone at ESI, First Day of Courses!

Greetings Fellow Seekers!

Emergent Studies Institute and Haven International and extremely excited to announce a milestone for our program and and warm congratulations to all of our new students for being a part of it.

Sunset_Yoga_MexicoESI began as a vision or dream you could say after a time of trouble, grief and heartache for many individuals in the Transpersonal community. The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology was closing it’s doors for good, Sofia University was now firmly rooted in place as a corporate-run alternative and many if not all of our beloved faculty, administration, alumni and at that time fellow students were scattered to the winds. However, out of this tragedy a few individuals, Rev. Lisa Evert-Raeyne, MATP, Trace Whitley, MATP and a few others envisioned something different. We wanted to create an institution that was inclusive to faculty opinion, co-creation and governance. We wanted to allow students to engage in courses more intimately with their fellow students and faculty in an online setting that many of institutions are lacking. Finally, we wanted to focus on ideas, themes and course content that emerged out of the current 21st Century paradigm. Ideas, disciplines and passions that needed to be cultivated through faculty and student interaction. These ended up being some of the core concepts of ESI such as Leadership, Women’s Spirituality, Creativity, Eco-Sustainability, Spiritual Activism/Social Justice and most importantly, Community. We felt that these and other themes and ideas resonated with the seekers out in the world looking for a place that could hold sacred a community created from love, passion and interest and that is what we are able to do today!

Monday, February 8th, marks this milestone for ESI!

We start our courses proudly this day knowing that it will only be the first of many courses, terms and years of service, commitment and love for our mission and community of seekers. We cannot wait to begin this journey with you all and hope to see many more faces in the future. Thank you again for being a part of this amazing beginning.


Trace Whitley, MATP

Forest pathway

Summer forest pathway in plitvice national park-Croatia




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