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Weekend Webinars

ESI Webinars

Our LIVE webinars utilize the latest technology available in order to deliver a dynamic, interactive and innovative experience. Google and Youtube software provide the ability to interact with facilitators and presenters in an intimate group setting via webcams and Google Hangout features (for example photo and document sharing, icebreakers and group art projects). ESI Webinars also build global community through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) allowing participants to enjoy these connections and support even after a Webinar.

Upcoming Webinars:

Application (App) options during Google Hangout:

Google Hangout allows you to select applications to aid in your presentation/online classroom experience. The Left Column contains many applications represented by Icons.

Click Here to install the Google Hangout Plug-in if you have not already done so!

Google Hangout Scr. Shot.

Google Hangout Icons

googledrivetrans.Google Drive


  • Chat: Allows you to talk among the 10 participants in the chat. It is located to the far right.
  • Capture: This App. allows you to take a picture of the person speaking. Just select the Icon and at the bottom select the small camera with a green circle around it to take the picture.
  • Screenshare: During a screenshare you can show the participants/students just about anything you can pull up on your computer screen. (Examples: articles, pictures, run a powerpoint, draw an image, show a document..etc.) There will be a small delay in video so go slowly when scrolling or changing to another slide for instance. Screenshare can be a replacement for a video screen or blackboard in the classroom environment.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive allows you to create specific folders filled with documents, powerpoints, and audio or video recordings which you can share at your class/event. It also allows you to create new documents while in google hangout by clicking the ‘create shared notes’ at the top, middle of the screen after selecting Google Drive from the Left Icon Column.
  • Youtube: Allows you to show a Youtube clip to the participants/students. If you have any trouble or if people have trouble watching the clip you can also achieve this by cueing up the clip yourself and then selecting ‘Screenshare’. There can be delays. When in doubt give the students/participants the link so they may view the video themselves at another time. This is good if 1-2 people are having trouble viewing.
  •  Google Effects: This is a fun application that lets you have silly hats floating over your head or weird environments behind you. This is just a fun toy for pure silliness! Great Icebreaker 🙂

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  1. Thank you. Congratulations on getting this off the ground! I’m looking forward to reading an agenda of the day. 🙂


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