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Greetings, we so appreciate you taking the time to consider a donation to the spiritual and research oriented institute Emergent Studies. ESI believes that each person’s donation means a great deal and we cherish our individual donors.We currently have two way to donate to ESI (others will be added in the near future).

At this time, we have a crowd-sourced funding campaign for our Student Scholarship Fund through GoFundMe. We, as a spiritual and research based organisation strive to change the way students, faculty and even administration experience and administer education. We honor the journey of the individual on a holistic and transpersonal (body, mind & spirit) level. We acknowledge the spirit, not just the life force of the earth and not just speak about change, but teach about change though our unique coursework and online/on-the-ground intensives. Our Founding Mothers believe that we can have an institution that truly supports the teacher and the student by a shared governance structure and a heartfelt presence of listening and interaction in what both faculty and students want to learn. We encourage students to do, while they learn and have a community of fellow leaders to stand by them through the defeats as well as the victories. By changing the way we learn, we change the way we live.

This website contains a lot of information about the institute, however you can also get in contact with us to make ask for more information, make a direct donation or just have the desire to connect, bring the dream of Emergent Studies Institute closer to being a reality.

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To Donate

You can also donate by clicking the Donation link just to the right, ‘Make a donation’ to go directly to Paypal.

PayPal Donate Button

Thank you for your Donation to Emergent Studies Institute a project of Haven International a 5o1c3 Organization. Please remember your donation will be tax deductible so please keep your receipt.

We will also be adding shortly, a Donors page to honor the individuals that have given to the institution.

Please stay tuned for a link.



  1. […] The institute appreciates any amount of money a person feels they can donate and we have set-up a donation page that has more information about how to do so. We will also be posting again in detail about that […]

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