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Mission & Values

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ESI Mission

Emergent Studies Institute is a nondenominational interdisciplinary research institution. As a not for profit institution, our mission is to educate students in broad-based, academically rigorous studies, to engage in and encourage research in heart-centered community service, and to facilitate an environment in which students can become leaders in building a compassionate and ecologically sustainable global society.

Our Vision

Emergent Studies Institute offers opportunities for connection with a global community of like-minded individuals from many cultures and spiritual backgrounds. We encourage human development through holistic (body-mind-spirit) healing and education, focusing on individual transformation. ESI encourages students to become researchers, innovators and leaders within their own communities, while building our own transformative community from within, spiraling out into the world through contemplative self-discovery and experiential learning.

Core Values

  • SPIRITUALITY We honor non-denominational diverse spiritual paths.
  • EDUCATION We support innovative, transformative, and experiential learning.
  • EMERGING RESEARCH We encourage collaborative research in emerging fields of study.
  • DIVERSITY We respect all cultures, all lifeways, and all beings– human and non-human.
  • GLOBAL STEWARDSHIP We envision a society committed to caring for our planet.
  • HOLISTIC HEALING We research and practice whole-being healing.
  • WELL-BEING We embrace the integration of mind, body and spirit to encourage mental and physical well-being.
  • ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY We honor and teach the sacredness of Mother Earth and awareness of the connection between all beings.
  • COMMUNITY We value interdependence and community.
  • LEADERSHIP We facilitate the development of responsible and ethical leadership.
  • CO-CREATION We embrace the authenticity and value of each individual’s contribution.




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