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Organizational Structure

iroqois nation meeting

The governing body of Emergent Studies Institute is based on the truly democratic Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) system:  interconnected concentric circles which ensure creative collaboration between students, faculty, staff, and the Council of Sages. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council, representatives from each circle (student, faculty, staff, and the council of sages) represent diverse cultures from all over the world. It is the duty of the Advisory Board and its representatives to pass on relevant information, problems, potentials, and votes to the Board of Directors. This system is truly a concentric democracy where many voices can be heard to move our Institute forward.

Mission Statement

Emergent Studies Institute is more than a lifelong educational institution.  It is an experiment in human evolution, stepping firmly into a new paradigm which redefines spirituality, education, and what it means to be a truly sustainable global society.

Vision Statement

Emergent Studies Institute is a dynamic non-profit online learning environment.  We employ innovative Internet technology to connect students and teachers in new ways. Educational programs may include experiments in sustainability (permaculture, ecological housing, humane animal husbandry), youth projects, community arts projects, and more. In addition to rigorous academic studies, our students practice engagement in heart-centered community service, supported by creditable research and grounded in personal experience.

Our programs are designed to be in touch with the needs of students’ local communities, as well as recognizing our connection to a greater global environment. ESI’s collegial environment encourages student/ faculty collaboration on mutually beneficial learning experiences in an affordable educational system that addresses each student’s needs and circumstances. We are unique in that we offer work-studies and volunteer opportunities to reduce the cost of tuition.

We believe both academic and practical training is built upon participants’ connection with Spirit.  It is this universal spirituality that connects us with ourselves and everyone around us. We all walk upon the path of Spirit, and just as the nautilus shell represents the soul’s journey, so do our graduates emerge with the understanding and commitment to build bridges in an ever-changing world.


  • Distance Education
  • Certification Programs
  • Educational Intensives
  • Global In-Touch Symposiums
  • Community Service
  • Ministerial Services
  • Spiritual Guidance

See link below to access our Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and digital copies of the Governance structure Mission and Vision Statements.

ESI Governance Folder


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