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First Online Radio Show

Mic and Sound BoardGreetings Everyone,

What an amazing show on Inner Child Radio with William Peters. The online radio broadcast through BlogTalk,¬†featured our three Founding Mothers, Valentine, Lisa and Trace who had the pleasure of discussing the creation of ESI, it’s coursework, faculty, governance and future direction. The Founding Mothers also had the chance to talk about themselves, why they choose to be of service to others and some of their personal background.
Emergent Studies founders also officially launched their GoFundMe crowdsourcing campaign to raise money in the next few months prior to the Spring 2015 semester. The institute appreciates any amount of money a person feels they can donate and we have set-up a donation page that has more information about how to do so. We will also be posting again in detail about that campaign as well. In the mean time, please visit the Official GoFundMe website and check out the gifts we have to offer our donors at the various funding levels. Not only will you be able to enjoy the feeling of giving to an educational nonprofit, you will have a chance to receive (at higher levels of donation) a Class Pass, the chance to log on and experience one of our classes online in the spring (Class Passes are for one day and one class). The campaign features other gifts such as a personal email from one of our founders, t-shirts and everyone at the $20 level or higher will be featured on the website at their level of donation. You can also donate in the name of a company, foundation or individual. Visit the site at: www.gofundme.com/fundesi


William Peters was a kind and gracious host, and ESI would like to thank Inner Child Online Global RadioRadio again for having our founders. We know that everyone is looking forward to be on the show again sometime in the future. If you would like to find out more about Inner Child Radio or listen again to the show please visit their website or Facebook page. Inner Child Press is another great Facebook page you can visit to find out more about current projects.

To listen to the show again please visit the BlogTalk Radio link: Conversation with Emergent Studies Institute



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