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3-Week Summer Session at ESI July 11th – 29th – Creativity, Spirituality and Activism


summer session
This 3-week session will be broken down into 1 week segments, each focusing and building upon one another in the areas of creativity, spirituality, and spiritual activism (or as some call it, social justice or social change). Different faculty members will meet each week using Google Classroom and Google Hangout for video chats to connect as a community and learn, explore, and grow in these focus areas.


More information will be coming out soon about the specifics, please keep an eye out here and through our blog at https://emergentstudiesinstitute.org/about-us/news-and-blogs/

June 1 until June 15th – $150.00
June 16th until July 11th $200.00 (registration to close first day of the session, July 11)

If you are interested in attending please contact our Director of Admissions @ a.balk.esi@haven-int.org and/or fill out an online application @ https://emergentstudiesinstitute.org/admissions/online-application/

You can also see our Becoming a Student Page, it has specific information about applying, payment process and technology requirements.

Anyone can and is encouraged to apply. This enrichment course is designed for anyone interested in thee focus areas and does not require prior educational background or technical experience. WE OFFER TECH SUPPORT 24/7. Simply a phone call or email away!

Thank you for your interest in ESI. Please do considering RSVPing for one of our upcoming informational sessions!

Register Now


ESI Info. Sessions Begin!

Greetings Fellow Seekers,

Emergent Studies Institute along with our amazing faculty and staff will begin to offer Informational Sessions for the general public and prospective students. These info sessions are designed to offer a glimpse into ESI, it’s programs, faculty and coursework. We would be so excited to see you here and connect you with the people who can answer any pressing questions about who we are and where we are headed!

These info sessions will be conducted via video chat in Google Hangout with the Academic Dean, Director of Admissions and various faculty an staff at ESI depending on the session. Dates so far range from March 31st, 2016 just a few days away till the end of June. Beginning in April the sessions will be every other Thursday, twice monthly at 5:00 PST, 7:00 CST or 8:00 EST depending on your location within the U.S. If you are joining us from another country outside of the U.S. please figure out your time accordingly.


More dates will be announced in the Fall!


Please let us know if you would like to join us! We only have 10 seats at this time available per session and they could go fast. If you know the date you wish to attend please contact: a.balk.esi@haven-int.org and we will reserve your seat. You can also visit our Facebook Event page to RSVP, share the event and connect with our extending digital community.
General Info Session ESI

Milestone at ESI, First Day of Courses!

Greetings Fellow Seekers!

Emergent Studies Institute and Haven International and extremely excited to announce a milestone for our program and and warm congratulations to all of our new students for being a part of it.

Sunset_Yoga_MexicoESI began as a vision or dream you could say after a time of trouble, grief and heartache for many individuals in the Transpersonal community. The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology was closing it’s doors for good, Sofia University was now firmly rooted in place as a corporate-run alternative and many if not all of our beloved faculty, administration, alumni and at that time fellow students were scattered to the winds. However, out of this tragedy a few individuals, Rev. Lisa Evert-Raeyne, MATP, Trace Whitley, MATP and a few others envisioned something different. We wanted to create an institution that was inclusive to faculty opinion, co-creation and governance. We wanted to allow students to engage in courses more intimately with their fellow students and faculty in an online setting that many of institutions are lacking. Finally, we wanted to focus on ideas, themes and course content that emerged out of the current 21st Century paradigm. Ideas, disciplines and passions that needed to be cultivated through faculty and student interaction. These ended up being some of the core concepts of ESI such as Leadership, Women’s Spirituality, Creativity, Eco-Sustainability, Spiritual Activism/Social Justice and most importantly, Community. We felt that these and other themes and ideas resonated with the seekers out in the world looking for a place that could hold sacred a community created from love, passion and interest and that is what we are able to do today!

Monday, February 8th, marks this milestone for ESI!

We start our courses proudly this day knowing that it will only be the first of many courses, terms and years of service, commitment and love for our mission and community of seekers. We cannot wait to begin this journey with you all and hope to see many more faces in the future. Thank you again for being a part of this amazing beginning.


Trace Whitley, MATP

Forest pathway

Summer forest pathway in plitvice national park-Croatia



ONLINE Dynamic Courses

Emergent Studies Institute is offering dynamic online courses taught by experts in their respective fields. These faculty and courses are completely different than what other programs or institutions are offering.

Tired of online classes where students are an after thought?
Our faculty meets with students at least once a week in video chat as well as engage with students in our simple and user-friendly online educational platform, OpenClass by Pearson.

Do you want something different and unique in your classroom experience?
Our courses follow an Emergent or extremely fluid method of education, allowing students to be a part of the classroom experience. In a sense themselves shaping how the course will unfolding over it’s length, what sub-topics will be covered based on what the students are interested in or have a passion for learning.

Concerned about price? We offer a two part payment plan and are mindful about book and course material costs.

Why wait…Fill out an online application today or email our amazing academic adviser to talk about what you are looking for in a program and how you can join our growing community of seekers.


ESI Mind Body Spirit Online AD

Ascended Master: Mary Magdalen and the Masters of Mt. Shasta

Mary Magdalen

and the

Masters of Mount Shasta

by Martha Brumbaugh, PhD

Emergent Studies Institute



This paper reflects on my initial foray into the world of Ascended Masters through Mount Shasta.  I have chosen to focus on Mary Magdalen because she speaks to my soul.   Magdalen is said to work with the Divine Feminine and love.

She has long been misunderstood, and is now in our awareness as never before.

I approach this paper with the assumption that she was, indeed, the wife of Jesus, and the foremost of the Apostles.

Using Organic Inquiry as an approach and framework, I am able to see what emerges as I delve into my own consciousness and my experience with Mary Magdalen and the Masters of Mount Shasta.


Keywords: Mary Magdalen, Ascended Masters, Divine Feminine, Mount Shasta, and Organic Inquiry,

 Mary Magdalen and the Masters of Mount Shasta


I invite you to join me in an Organic Inquiry to explore my ever-deepening awareness of Mary Magdalen as an Ascended Master.  This inquiry is rooted in my own experience with searching for truth, and authenticity.  With that in mind, I must admit that I’ve been studying, or researching if you will, the Magdalen, but that my knowledge of Ascended Masters is limited.  I am hopeful that this paper will expand my own understanding, and reach out to those of you who are also searching.

I chose Organic Inquiry (OI) (Clements, J., Ettling, D., Jennett, D., & Shields, L. 1998) because it is subjective and allows me to explore the depths of my own consciousness and to find deeper meaning in the topic.  It also falls into the paradigm of the sacred, and conducts the research, the indwelling, or reflection period, and the findings in a sacred way.  For me, that is creating a sacred space in which I can work, reflect and write.  For me, the research is a spiritual practice.

OI is about engaging the story that needs to be told.  My job is to tell that story, and I ask of you, the reader, to witness my journey.  It is also important to hold differences, as it is extremely difficult to quantify lived experience.  With that said, I begin this very brief story of my path to, and with Mary Magdalen.  It doesn’t encompass everything, but will give you a general sense of how it came about.

The Repentant Mary Magdalene by Danial Kansky

My Magdalen Story:

In 2003 I found myself at Chartres seated in front of the altar that is dedicated to the Black Madonna, also known as Mary Magdalen.  A series of books were brought to my attention in the mid 1990’s.  I have no idea what led me to them, but they sparked my interest and set me on a path that has been guiding me for twenty years.  I was not new to Mary Magdalen, and always believed that she was really not a prostitute.  I was merely interested in her, and the notion that perhaps she was married to Jesus Christ.  I had to know more.  When I was introduced to Holy Blood, Holy Grail (Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln 1982) and later The Woman with the Alabaster Jar (Margaret Starbird 1993) I was completely stunned and intrigued.

Could there actually have been a conspiracy by the Church to hide her identity, and change the Biblical texts to retain power, and control?

I went to Chartres Cathedral in France driven by a strong desire to visit the altar of the Black Madonna and an even stronger desire to visit the goddess site that lies underneath the church.  I poured over Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Crossing to Avalon (1995) to get all the information I could.  I read anything I could in tour guides, but Shinoda Bolen was the best guide that I found.  Her book prepared me for the possibility that the labyrinth would be hidden by chairs (as it was) and directly to the little book store on the plaza that sold tickets and led tours into the grotto below where one of the oldest images of the Black Madonna survives.

It was there, in France, that I knew that my journey with Magdalen was just beginning.  She spoke to me, not with words, but with an overwhelming sense of peace and love.  It seemed to me that her truth, the true story of her relationship to Jesus needed to be revealed.

I followed a path, and have landed in this place and time where I continue my search for truth, and can now see that this is only beginning the journey.  Now I am encountering Magdalen as an Ascended Master, and finding myself intrigued by the stories in the less academic texts.  None-the-less, I believe everything I read has significance.


My Experience with Masters and Teachers:

Although several sources report encounters with Mary Magdalen as an Ascended Master, I find that the book by Tom Kenyon and Judi Scion, The Magdalen Manuscript (2014) beautifully brings the possibility of encounters with Magdalen to life.  Magdalen appears to them to tell her story of both joy and despair.  Her teaching is both evocative and provocative as she explains her relationship with Jesus as both spiritual and sexual, for the reality is that they are one.

Magdalen encourages her students to explore the deeper meanings of the teachings of Christ.  Those stories that have not been erased take on new meaning.  I believe that we must be open to the possibility that Mary Magdalen is in our consciousness to teach us about love and the true word of Goddess and God.  Are the Ascended Masters real?  Do they speak or appear to humans?  I think that Christian Jambert (Jambert in LeLoup, J. 2002, p. 16) states very clearly that the willingness to be open is key to understanding Magdalen and in searching for truth.

For the creative imagination is not so named with some metaphorical intent, nor in a spirit of fiction but in the full sense of the term:  The imagination creates and is universal creation itself.  Every reality is imaginal, because it is able to present itself as a reality.  To speak of the metaphorical world is nothing less than to contemplate a metaphysics of Being where subject and object are born together in the same creative act as transcendental imagination.

Mount Shasta at Sunrise in Northern California

The Ascended Masters, as I have come to understand, are teachers and healers.  My most profound experiences with what I understand to be Masters began in October of 1987 as a single ball of light flitting about my Mount Shasta campsite.  I was sitting outside at Panther Meadows with a fellow traveler.  We both watched the light, and understood that this was an introduction.  There was no voice, but a feeling of welcome, a sense of peace, mixed with the excitement of things to come.  The tennis ball sized light stayed with us well past midnight.  It was the first and last encounter that I had for more than twenty years.  The mountain is known to be the home of Ascended Masters from the lost continent of Lemuria.  Strange things happen to people on the mountain, and not just those who are questing. The Masters are only one of many who make their presence known.  The experiences are recorded through stories, artwork, and music. My own collage work has become more and more reflective of the presence of the Masters of Mount Shasta.

Several years ago, I reconnected with the mountain after a long and rather desolate period in my life.  On the first night, glowing orbs of brilliantly colored light appeared in my darkened room.  They were welcoming, and I was overjoyed at their appearance.  I was wrestling with soon turning sixty, and still feeling a lack of accomplishment in my life.  The next day, I was able to spend time creating a collage for the New Year.  What emerged was a collage that pulled together the threads of my life and helped me remember that spirit is an integral part of my life.  Although the images were rather dark, the overall impact for me was that perhaps my journey was just beginning, and my life would begin to unfold.

Through the process of collage, I was able to recognize the fragments of my life that I had tried to ignore.  The Masters of Mount Shasta showed me a new way to be in the world, and reminded me that I needed to love myself for who I am, not who I thought I should be.  They reached out and soothed me.  They embedded a short mantra in my soul that for the next few years remained with me.  “I am NOT who you think I am!”


Martha Art 1


January 29, 2012

Although Mary Magdalen is not Lemurian, she has a strong presence there.  I can connect with her spirit of love and compassion easily when I am on or near the mountain.  She has reminded me that I had not been true to myself, and that in itself had resulted in pain, anger, and exhaustion.  At the Summer

Solstice of 2012 Magdalen tested my strength, and together we started the path that would take three years and lead me to this point in time.  Having been gifted some alone time at the Solstice, the next collage came forward.


Martha Art 2


June 21, 2012

By the Fall Equinox of 2014, I was fervently working on letting go of all the things that were binding me to my old job and the façade that I had created.  Again, I was presented with challenges on the trip, and again I was given the alone time to create this piece.

Martha Art 3


September 21, 2014

These three collages, to me, represent the presence of Mary Magdalen as Mother, Maiden, and Crone.  They speak to me of compassion and love.  Her messages are seldom verbal, but nearly always

through my artwork.  My art, as is this written piece, very organic and from the heart.  I trust that you will be inspired to explore the possibility that the Masters are with us, and that Mary Magdalen can bring comfort and peace to those in need, and teach us about joy.


May the blessings of the Cosmic Mother follow you upon your journey to yourself. 

May the path between the sun and moon be revealed.  – Mary Magdalen

(Kenyon and Sion, 2014, p. 74)

Blessings on your way,




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Kenyon, T and Scion, J. (2014) The Magdalen Manuscript. Orcas, WA, ORB Communications.

LeLoup, J.Y. (2002). The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Rochester, VT, Inner Traditions International.

Starbird, M. (1993) The Woman with the Alabaster Jar. Santa Fe, NM. Bear & Company.

Shinoda Bolen, J (1995) Crossing to Avalon. San Francisco, HarperCollins.

Spring Courses at ESI – Sign-Up Now!

Greetings Everyone! It is a about to be the beginning of a new year and a change for Emergent Studies Institute. We have a new President and Academic Dean as well as a large in flux of new faculty members! We will be offering classes starting this Spring (February 8th).
We have some amazing course offerings in a wide variety of subjects from Meditation, Understanding Supernatural Beliefs, Sacred Art, Human-Animal Relationships, and even courses on Dreams, Social Justice and Dancing the Wheel of the Year. Please do visit our website and our new Course Catalog in order to view our upcoming courses.
Also remember you have a short deadline for our Application Fee waiver. Start the application process on or before January 1st and save $35 dollars! Contact our Enrollment Counselor today or fill out an Online Application. http://www.emergentstudiesinstitute.org


Application Fee Waived

Updating the Emergent Website


Greetings to all of our wonderful followers!

We would like to just let everyone know we have been working diligently on our website to update our existing pages and create some new exciting updates to existing ones. Our History page,  and Academic Departments have been totally revamped and we have showcased even more our upcoming certificate courses for the interested student or intrigued professional. We would love for you to look over our website and take a look at what has changed. We hope that it is easier to navigate and can get you to the areas you are interested in.

Take Care,
Trace Whitley, ESI Webmaster

Meet the Faculty at Emergent Studies Institute

Meet Our Faculty

(List in alphabetical order by LAST name)

Dr. Luisah Teish, PhDluisah_teish_jpeg_336x9999_q85

I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and spent many hours along the banks of the Mississippi River. As you know this area is rich in folklore, music and mystery. As a child, I was surrounded by a community of elders who maintained centuries old stories and traditions. This influence awakened a creativity that led to me gathering materials (both oral and written). I’ve been a professional storyteller, writer, and community activist for more than forty years now. I am dedicated to the preservation of the Spiritual Cultures of Primal Life Peoples at the School of Ancient Mysteries/Sacred Arts Center: S.A.M.AS.A.C. Where we offer classes, workshops, and seminars online and in real time that help students to explore the mysteries of the Spirit and to develop skill in the Sacred Arts.

For more information, please visit:


Suzy Adra, M.A.Suzy Adra Headshot

Suzy is a Ph.D. Candidate at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  Her research interests include: Creativity, Mysticism, Semiotics, Alchemy, and Esoteric wisdom.  She is currently working on her dissertation entitled Presence and Epiphany in the Creative Process.  She has been studying, and teaching yoga for 12 years. She is an artist and art curator, and has been a life long seeker and student of mysticism.  Suzy has a background in the archaeology of the Near East.  Her Masters thesis was an attempt at contextualizing typography of pottery shards, found in a cave in North Lebanon, dating to the medieval period.  Some of her other passions include music, cooking, and a nomadic life. When she is not travelling, she can be found in Michigan taking care of her two teenagers, and their two cats.

For more information, please visit:

Chimine Arfuso, M.A.photo_C_Arfuso Headshot

Chimine has been an activist for ending violence against women for nearly two decades. She has led the Annual Victim Rights Rally and March with current District Attorney Tony Rackauckus and has been acknowledged by several organizations for her contributions to the community, most recently earning her the Valor Award from Community Services Programs (CSP). She started the non-profit, Create Social Change at the age of 26 and brought two amazing programs to the bay area working towards changing the paradigm of a rape culture: Turning Negative into Positive and We Step Into the Light. In 2013 she became the mother of beautiful boy/girl twins, who inspired her research to another level. Currently, she is conducting her doctoral studies at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) on the cutting edge benefits and social impact of breastfeeding. Specifically, she is researching breastfeeding as a means of healing trauma for mothers and how breastfeeding can challenge the cycle of violence against women.  In between researching for her doctorate and wrangling the twins she also enjoys growing her own food, acro yoga, rock climbing and dancing.

For more information, please visit:

Dr. Amber Balk, PhD

Enrollment Counselor and Faculty

I was born to the lush forests of the Tennessee River Valley, the homeland region of my Native American motherline ancestors.Amber R Balk_Photo My fatherline
contributes English-Irish-German ancestry, and I honor all ancestral bloodlines as indigenous peoples of Mother Earth.

I hold a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and a MA in Women’s Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. This unique combination imparted a sense of rootedness in the world as an agent of social change and a questioner of consensus consciousness. I have a BS in Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma, which provided a background in conventional psychology and research. This served as a solid foundation from which to expand in innovative ways. I additionally minored in Creative Writing.

I am the developer of a research methodology– Integrative Holotropic Community Action Research. This is an emergent research approach that emphasizes mutual reciprocity, relational accountability, navigating micro/macro-cosm layers, and community outreach.

I specialize in applying transpersonal theory to settings conducive to individual and communal transformation. My interests include synchronicity, expanded states of consciousness, dreamwork, birth and death, Grofian theory, and radical feminism which seeks to raise awareness in all forms of oppression. I work as a transpersonal educator, researcher, creative consultant, writer, and activist. Dedicated to movement towards wholeness in all endeavors, I consider it a sacred honor and responsibility to serve in this capacity. At ESI, I act as both faculty and enrollment counselor. I look forward to connecting and companioning you as your journey with ESI unfolds.

For more information, please visit:

Jessica Bowman, M.A. 

ESI President
Jessica Bowman Picture

Jessica Bowman has worked in K – 12 public education for many years with both urban and rural programs.  Having the privilege to work with so many students of different nationality, heritage, religions, perspective and values has provided a tremendous worldview reinforcing the importance of tolerance and acceptance of others. Diversity truly is the spice of life.

As a member of the Cosmic Cowgirls, Jessica paints virtually and in person with an amazing art tribe of women across the globe using the amazing concept of Intentional Creativity within the Contemporary Symbolism movement.  She is very interested in the Sacred Feminine found in the archaeological record and world mythologies across time.  She finds the practice of making art to be a wonderful vehicle for personal transformation and is captivated by the idea that making art is an active form of prayer.  Jessica has facilitated workshops for women using concepts from art and spirituality for women suffering from various forms of grief.

In addition to single subject teaching credentials in English and Social Science along with administrative services credentials, Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and a master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality.  In addition, she has studied alternative healing methods such as medicinal herbalism and aromatherapy resulting in her own botanical business, The Spice of Life located in Dunsmuir, CA. She began a PhD program this fall researching the role that sacred experiences have on the creative process.

Jessica Bowman is currently uses her educational administrative abilities to serve as the President of Emergent Studies Institute a spiritually-based education program of Haven Int. and as a Board Member of ESI.

For more information, please visit:

Dr. Martha Brumbaugh, PhD 

Academic Dean and Faculty

Martha Brumbaugh is an educator, writing coach, artist, and ceremonialist.  She received her doctorate in Transformative Martha HeadshotStudies from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2006.  Her doctoral dissertation, Out of the Mists: An Organic Inquiry into Sacred Ways of Knowing and the Shaping of Reality, focused on the impact of cross-cultural Shamanic practices on white, middle-aged, middle-class women.  She has mentored women and men on academic and spiritual paths since 1988.

In addition to teaching and working as a writing coach, she writes a column for Culture Counter magazine at http://culturecountermag.com.  She has taught earth-based spiritual practices, shamanism, Tarot, and sacred arts and crafts individually and through workshops.  Martha’s current research interests include ways in which transformation is facilitated through the literature of fantasy and science fiction, Mary Magdalen, and developing cutting-edge research methods.

Martha lives on the California coast with two cats, two ravens, and her sister. She has two adult sons, and recently became a grandmother.  She loves cooking, reading, and film. She also loves to travel and experience other cultures, through history, architecture, and mythology.

She leads visionary quests throughout the western United States and facilitates workshops on the Tarot and Sacred Arts and Crafts.

For more information, please visit:

Lisa Evert-Raeyne, MATP 

Founder, Haven & ESIgood-lisa-pic-from-video-series

Lisa Evert was born in Saratoga, California to a family of artists, writers, and business professionals. She grew up in Santa Cruz, and in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved later to Nevada City and then to Austin Texas.  Her travels have taken her to places like Maui, Hawaii and Sedona, where she felt an amazing personal and spiritual connection to Nohaa (Mother/Grandmother Earth) and the community there.

Lisa earned a BA in Psychology in Applied Behavioral Analysis at Kaplan University, where she was Valedictorian and Graduating Student Speaker.  She jokes about how Colin Powell opened for her in front of an audience of more than 5,000 students, faculty and alumni. She holds a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology (MATP) with a specialization in Creativity from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  Lisa has a strong business ethic and the ability to move fluidly in an every changing global environment, which she credits her long business history and drive to always further her knowledge by seeking out innovating learning platforms. She completed the two- year Business Professionals Course with The Aji Network (formerly known as Hecht & Associates) learning directly from the founder Toby Hecht. She has over 25 years’ marketing sales and business experience as a Senior Sales Manager and Processing Manager in the mortgage banking and real estate industry.  She gives credit to her education and own innate ability for strategic planning that had her see the writing on the wall, and her business ethic moved her to inform the leaders within her company about its questionable mortgaging practices. She chose early retirement rather than knowingly participate in the collapse of the real estate and mortgage industry and the onset of the US depression of December 2007-June 2009.

Creativity has always been a driving force in Lisa’s life. Singing to Spirit and for her community since kindergarten, Lisa inspires others through her music, writing, and creative expression. Her grandfather instilled in her from a very early age the wonder of nature and the use of different perspectives to tackle life’s challenges.

Lisa draws on her extensive business experience, education and creativity to serve as Chief Executive Officer and President of Emergent Studies Institute. Lisa knows how incredibly powerful life can be when you connect with yourself transpersonally (body, mind & spirit) and face life head-on.

Dr. Meghan Fraley, PhD


I work as a clinical psychologist, researcher, and community organizer committed to inner healing and social change. I have experience working in the non-profit sector, health psychology research and creative problem solving. I am a certified yoga and enneagram teacher. My educational background focuses on psychology, politics, and social science. I hold a PhD in clinical psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, an MA in social sciences from the University of Chicago and a BA in psychology and political science from Oberlin College. My dissertation research examined the characteristics of transpersonal psychotherapists.

I have studied and explored spirituality and religion as related to health throughout my life in both the professional and personal realms. Starting in college, I began my exploration with Buddhist studies and traveled to India in 2003 where I studied Tibetan Buddhism in Gangtok, Sikkim. Since, I have explored various spiritual paths including that of yoga, mindfulness and creativity. I received my yoga teacher training in 2009 at Mount Madonna Center, and completed the Yoga in Action leadership training with “Off the Mat and Into the World.”  I teach classes that integrate psychology, spirituality, and social justice including Being the Change: Conscious Activism in a World in Crisis, Introduction to Psychology, and Enneagram Studies. I believe that experiential learning that deepens one’s connection to her or his own personal spirituality may facilitate a greater sense of well-being and joy in life for oneself and the world.

For more information, please visit:


Dr. Lisa Herman, MFT, PhD, M.Sc., REAT Lisa Herman Close Up Face

Lisa Herman was the Director  of Creative Expression and Executive Core Faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP)/Sofia University for the last 7 years where she taught in the Masters and PhD programs. She is core faculty at Meridian University in Petaluma, adjunct faculty at the International School for Interdisciplinary Studies (ISIS-Canada) in Toronto and adjunct and  dissertation advisor at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco where she received her PhD in Integral Studies with a concentration in Transformative Learning and Change. Her dissertation was on Engaging the Disturbing Images of Evil.

Lisa is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) and a licensed MFT and supervisor. She has worked as an expressive arts therapist with couples, families, individuals and groups for over forty years. Employed as a therapist and supervisor in Canada, the U.S. and Israel in community mental health agencies, prisons and hospitals, she also built and maintained a private practice in each of these countries. She is presently in practice in Monterey, CA. Lisa specializes in trauma-related issues with adults as well as children. She trains professionals and presents her work internationally.

A published novelist, poet and academician as well as a performance artist, Lisa is interested in arts-based research and the effect of images of evil events on the non-participant.

For more information, please visit:
Lisa Herman, MFT, PhD., Official Website


 Sahar Joya, B.A. Sahar Joya Headshot

Since Sahar was a little girl, she loved being in conversation with elders, thinking about herstory and history, learning about politics, trying to understand the interconnections of various subject matters, asking the basic and primal questions of philosophy. It is no wonder that she ends up in the academe as one of the main spaces for her work. She has a deep passion for knowledge and wisdom, as well as love, beauty and justice. A mix of multiple forms of spiritual paths and traditions informs her spiritual studies, and the interdisciplinary fields of International Development Studies, History, Non Profit Management and Education, also inform her academic background. She has had extensive experience working with youths and educators, through facilitating Equity and Diversity leadership education programming, and currently operates her own Creative Leadership educational organization, SustainED360 Global Education. As she has grown, her focus has shifted on more adult education and particularly sitting in wisdom circles with women, while still engaging in programs with youth and men as well. Her nieces and nephews and children in general are inspiration for her Muse, because they remind her of the importance of having long-term visions that are informed by their future in mind.

For more information, please visit:

Adrian Mack, M.A. 

Adrian Mack is originally from Virginia, but currently resides in Durham, North Carolina. Adrian is the Director of Business Development for
Social Impact with 3C Institute. He spends any free time he has as the president and co-founder of a scholarship fund, and serves in leadership roles and on boards and committees for organizations including The Hill Center, Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, Eno River Media Production, the University of Virginia, and the crowdsourcing app, Pyne. He also is a fitness enthusiast. Writing is one of Adrian’s passions, and he is currently working on a screenplay with his close college friend, Tony Peccatiello, who is the co-founder of Pyne. In 2013, Adrian published his first book entitled, God Bless America: The Discourse Between the American Dream & Christianity. He is currently working on a second publication about the politics of identity with fellow CIIS peer, Keisha Thorpe, based on research with Dr. Alfonso Montuori. Mack received a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Virginia in 2011, a Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Duke University in 2012, a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Liberty University in 2014, and is a 2nd year PhD student in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

For more information, please visit:

Jennifer Ortiz, M.A. 

Jennifer Headshot

Jennifer Ortiz received her undergraduate degree from California State University in journalism, and has spent the last 25 years as a writer in a variety of media and settings. She has also worked as an editor, musician, and interpretive historian. A return to academia culminated with a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Marylhurst University, in which her thesis focused on the social philosophy of Jane Addams. Her approach to interdisciplinary inquiry is reflected in the following conference papers: Coffee and a Paper: The Value of Printed News to American Communities; Strange Fruit: Poetry, Marx, and the Anti-lynching Movement; and Beyond Hull House: Jane Addams and the Search for an Authentic Democracy. She is currently working on a PhD. Centered on Gerda Lerner’s assertion, “…without precedent, one cannot imagine alternatives to existing conditions,” her area of inquiry explores how a transdisciplinary approach to studying women as a culture would offer more complete understanding.

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Drucilla Pettibone, J.D., M.A. dru head shot

Drucilla is an ethnographer, teacher, and artist who works in various media and methods of inquiry.  With Master’s degrees in Gender Studies from Georgia State University and Cultural Studies from Emory University, Drucilla is currently pursuing doctoral research in eco-spirituality and posthumanism in the Transformative Studies department of the California Institute of Integral Studies.

A graduate of University of Notre Dame and Notre Dame Law School, Drucilla has been a member of the State Bar of Georgia and practiced law on and off since 1993. She has worked in many areas of animal welfare, as an activist, researcher, consultant, rescue volunteer, nonprofit director, and artist.

Her fiber art has been featured in gallery exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles. She was the recipient of the Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artists Grant from the Durham Arts Council for 2011-12. She also teaches hand spindling for Craftsy.com.

Drucilla also enjoys homesteading, alternative healing arts, and flow arts.  She is a Celtic Reiki Master, a ULC Minister, and a certified hooping instructor.  She lives on a small farm in North Carolina with her husband and critter family.

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Dr. Brent Potter, LMHC, CMHS, MMHS, PhD

Brent Potter, PhD is a licensed psychotherapist, child mental brent infront of Buddhahealth specialist, and ethnic minority mental health specialist (WA). Potter earned his master’s degree in existential-phenomenological psychology from Duquesne University. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has more than 20 years of experience providing clinical services in a range of settings including inpatient, hospital, outpatient, and private practice. He is a reviewer for New York Journal of Books. He has published numerous articles and his first book, Elements of Self-Destruction (Karnac Books), was published roughly one year ago. He has three books scheduled for publication including, Borderline Personality Disorder: New Perspectives on a Stigmatizing and Overused Diagnosis (Praeger, 2014) and Elements of Reparation: Truth, Faith and Transformation in the Works of Heidegger, Bion, & Beyond (Karnac Books). Dr. Potter is the Director at The Society for Laingian Studies.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UBflaHKNtU]

Keisha Thorpe, MFAKeisha Thorpe Pic

Keisha Thorpe graduated from Goddard College with a MFA-W and is living, writing, and teaching college in northeast Pennsylvania. Keisha has held
principle roles in plays and stage readings. She’s been an editor, a guest lecturer, and spent 4 years as a radio show host in Philadelphia. Until recently, she was writing monthly articles for a popular online women’s magazine as well as social media copy. Keisha writes song lyrics, sings, and is featured on the sound track for Crest Fallen: A Webseries. She is a writer, director, and executive producer on short films and web series. She is a silent partner in the frequently nominated and award winning production company, Purple Shamrock Media with her close friend, Deirdre McCullagh, in hopes of creating work to showcase talent, diversity, and women in the film industry. The company has three film festival selections in 2015 alone. With several projects in production and many on the horizon, she is consistently working and excited about the future. When she sn’t doing any of the aforementioned, she focusing on what’s next and working as an Assistant Dean at a four year college in Pennsylvania. Keisha is now working on her PhD in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

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Trace Whitley, MATP

Founder, Haven Int. & ESIPic of Trace

Trace Whitley was raised by a family of educators who have  inspired her lifelong passion for education.  She grew up in the small suburban town of Duncanville, just south of Dallas, lived in and around the San Bernadino Mountains in California, and  has traveled all over the Southwest and the East Coast — Asheville, Salem, Sedona, Santa Cruz and New Orleans.  Although from a Celtic background, she currently lives in Austin, Texas–  “Keep Austin Weird” they say! This town is weird in an amazing way… filled with a mixture of artists of all kinds, environmentally conscious people this truly a stunning city with like-minded people, it is a fantastic place for Haven International and ESI to have it’s headquarters!

Trace has been an artist most of her life. She earned an Interdisciplinary Bachelors in Cultural Communication from the University of Texas in Arlington and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology (MATP) with a specialization in Creativity and Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now known as Sofia University) and currently goes to school at Our Lady of the Lake University for Non-Profit Management.

Trace absorbs creativity from her surroundings, imagination and personal experiences. She believes that art can be expressed in many mediums and especially enjoys working with videography as well as a variety of other mediums, including ceramics, acrylic painting and mixed media.

She currently serves as Haven’s Chief Operations Officer and draws on her technical experience in video production, website design, graphic design and social media to serve as ESI’s Technology Coordinator.

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Brita Wynn M.A. 

Brita Headhot

Is an Anthropologist, Hedge Witch, Empath, Diviner Herbalist, Canner and Cheese Maker and Sustainable farmer, Brita has taught classes in all areas of magical practice, divination, and magical and medicinal herbalism for the last 25 years all over California and internationally. She has studied with many well known herbalists such as Rosemary Gladstar, Candice Canton Packard, Cascade Anderson Geller, Lois Johnson MD, Shatoya de la Tour, and Ryan Drum, and has learned from and led ritual with Oberon and Morning Glory Zell at Annwfn, assisted with an initiation led by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone and co-created the Bear River Witch Camp with Wayne Coleman and her Amber Oak Moon coven, which was held for 5 years every Beltane. She is very knowledgeable in magical practices world wide and has been an empath and diviner for most of her life. She is the co-creater and Medicinal herbal teacher of the Gaia Concious Herbal Apprentice Program at MorningSun herb Farm and has taught Magical Apprenticeships at her own farm for over 10 years. She currently also teaches at Soul Food Farm, Morning Sun Herb Farm, Lightweavers Healing Academe in Citrus Heights, Sacramento City College, Sierra College, And The Queen’s Ranch. Brita has two children, 31 and 15 who are both in the arts. Brita is an avid gardener and grows almost all of her families’ food as well as herbs and flowers.

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 Dr. Regina Hess, PhD regina-portrait-Feb2014-for web

Regina was born and brought up in South Germany. Since her teens she has travelled the world studying diverse cultures and spiritual traditions, with a focus on traditional healing and shamanic practices. She has worked in India, Nepal, the U.S., the UK, and Africa, and currently lives in Cologne, Germany. Regina feels herself to be a citizen of the world.

Her professional background includes being a clinical psychologist (University of Heidelberg, Germany), a body psychotherapist and creative therapist, and transpersonal psychotherapist with an emphasis on work around individual and collective/transgenerational trauma. Regina is also an independent researcher. Abroad, she was awarded a joint Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, CA, U.S.) and in embodied phenomenology(Center for Qualitative Research, Bournemouth University, UK). Her professional positions and honorary involvements are diverse. She maintains a private practice for inclusive psychology in Cologne and a global practice online, serves as faculty at international transpersonal educational institutes, and works on independent research projects.

Regina is on the Board of Directors of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS), co-founded the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research and Disaster/Trauma Task Force. She is EUROTAS Supervisor for Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Further activities include the bridging of research with art, music, and film, co-founding the Arts & Sciences Researcher Forum, Cambridge University, UK, and serving as head of peer reviewers for the Integral Transpersonal Journal (ITJ). Regina is an international author and speaker.

For more information, please visit:

Dr. Regina Hess,  Official Website

Dr. Regina Hess, Facebook

Dr. Regina Hess, Academia.edu 

EUROTAS, European Transpesonal Association

International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy, Official Webpage 

Arts and Sciences Researcher Forum, Facebook



Eurotas 2015


Join the Festival!

With the Feeding the Soul Transpersonal Festival we want to present and celebrate the multiplicity of the manifestation of the true Self. We call on you all, professors of transpersonal psychology and academics across all disciplines, professionals, students, artists, musicians and performers from around the world, and of all ages, to join us with your heart in your hands (as we say in Milan). Based on a culture of sharing, please give up your keynote presentation ex cathedra, leave your powerpoint at home, but bring your experience, tell us your histories and stories, and let us share our souls with each other. We call to this circle all generations: Little ones, youngsters, sons and daughters, grandchildren, and students of life. Come and present yourself, your dream, your needs, your fears, your skills, your passion, your insights, and your creativity. What comes into my mind is the so-called rainbow family who meet twice a year for an entire cycle of the moon, living in nature without any comfort, technologies, devices, or drugs. Instead they gather to share their knowledge and experience of life for free; or the 40,000 young people that attended the Boom Festival in Portugal last August. Let us come together with such an intention to gather, share, and create change. We are waiting for you, each of you counts!

With love,
Pier Luigi Lattuada
Festival Director
Regina U Hess
Festival Board of Supervisors

Call for Papers/Presentations

FEEDING THE SOUL, the 2015 FIRST TRANSPERSONAL FESTIVAL of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) will take place in Milan, Italy, the city of EXPO 2015, from 18th to 21st June 2015. The festival will be organized by Om Association for Transpersonal Medicine and Psychology, in partnership with Centro d’Ompio (Italy). and will be co-sponsored by the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan, the Asoociation for Transpersonal Psychology, (ATP), Ubiquity University (U.S.), and Expo in città. With this event, we aim to come together as a community of diversity, to transcend divides and unite through deep dialogue within, with each other, and with nature by including puer and senex, heart and mind, spirit and matter, the young and the elders, women, men, and children—our future generations.
The Festival Venues will be in Milan City (TBA) and in Centro D’Ompio. The main Festival Venue and Accomodation will be at Centro D’Ompio, Pettenasco, Italy, an international seminar center and hotel (http://www.ompio.org).

Change the World or Die? Ready to be the Antidote?

“My son, 25 years old, put on his skype mood message the sentence: “Change the world or die.” The world seems to be waiting for something. The humankind is in trouble. The times they are achangin’, as Bob Dylan sang. Could the integral and transpersonal culture as Jim Garrison says “be the antitode” to the troubles of this world? As Ervin Lázsló suggested, don’t make war, don’t kill anyone, don’t destroy the planet, instead give us tools and experience to be in contact with our true
self. Transpersonal Psychology has the vision, the cartography, the literacy and technologies to navigate through the territories of consciousness. With the First Transpersonal Festival, we call for the transpersonal in action, and we aim to initiate transpersonal action around the globe. We want to look into each others faces and say: I see you, my friend! You touch my soul, your hand makes my heart beat, your words light the fire of my soul. Only together can we make the world better what we like to call the New Renaissance: The transpersonal in action such as sharing, performing, teaching, learning, talking, communicating, creating, living and loving.”

Submissions of Presentations

To apply to give your presentation at the 2015 First Transpersonal Festival of EUROTAS, June 18-
24, 2015, Milan, Italy, please send us:
• an abstract of your project (no more than 300 words)
• shot bio (no more than 100 words)
• and a photo of you.
• webpage.
Deadline for the Submission of Papers: February 15, 2014

Please submit your application on the Festival Webpage:

Eurotas Sponsors

Inner Child Radio Show Next Monday


Greetings Everyone!
We have some exciting news to share. The Founders of ESI will have a talk with William Peters of Inner Child Radio and Press this coming Monday Evening October 27th. We will be talking about the school, ourselves and our vision for the future of the Institution.

Listeners may Join us in the Chat Room via this link as well as listen to the broadcast.
Additionally for the Mobil listener they may listen in via Skype or dial in to : 714.816.4751

The Show begins at 7:00 PM est and will end at 9:00 PM

Get a chance to learn more in-depth what Emergent Studies is all about and how we began to create our online environment, unique governance and why we have chosen to have such a radically different relationship with our faculty and students. For more information about the upcoming show or to learn more about Inner Child Radio and there message to the world please visit their website: Blog Talk: Inner Child Radio Online

We would also like to share a few words from

William Peters @ Inner Child
The Vision

Join us in the World Healing, World Peace 2014 effort
World Healing, World Peace 2014

Inner Child MaskThe objective with this effort is to fund the Production, Printing,
Distribution and Shipping of the Poetry Anthology World Healing, World
Peace 2014. Our vision is to be able to get 2 copies of this Anthology
into every Member Country of the United Nations (approx. 193 – 200)
and 1 copy into the hands of members of Congress. We believe it is
integrally important that they become aware of how the Poets feel
about Peace and Healing Globally. We are factoring a Wholesale cost of
$5.00 per Book based upon a 2 Book set as per World Healing, World
Peace Poetry Contest 2012.

Submissions by Poets will include their Picture, a 50 or less Word
Bio, Links where they may be connected with and their Poetic Offering.
The Ultimate objective is to effectuate change.

Thank You

Inner Child Enterprises, ltd.

For more information contact us at :

– See more at: http://www.worldhealingworldpeacepoetry.com

Blue Basic

Support the effort Here <http://www.gofundme.com/3gvqks>
Inner Child Press Web Site <http://innerchildpress.com/>
Inner Child Magazine <http://innerchildmagazine.com/>
Inner Child Social <http://innerchild.ning.com/>
I Am Inner Child <http://www.iaminnerchild.com>

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