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Exciting News and Changes to our Catalog!

Greetings Emergent Community and Fellow Seekers,

ESI is excited to announce the arrival of courses in our Summer and Fall sessions and a few changes to our Spring catalog. 

As a new institute and community we will, at times go through these ESI Mind Body Spirit Online ADgrowth periods, times when we stretch our wings and see where Spirit leads. As part of this growth and settling in to schedules and new faculty members, you might have noticed a few changes to the Spring catalog. One or two courses have shifted to later time periods, (Summer and/or Fall) and you will shortly see courses offered in 3 week and 7 week lengths. We have decided to make this change so that more students can enjoy the courses offered by our faculty who might have busy schedules or limited funds.

Below is a list of the courses still offered for Spring Term starting Feb. 8th, 2016 (fast approaching), Summer and Fall. Please check back often to see what the latest news is, what new courses we are offering and some new chances to get to know our budding faculty and community of seekers!

If you have not filled out an Online Application please feel free to do so. You will not pay an application fee until you sign-up and have a conversation with our academic adviser, Dr. Amber Balk, PhD who is excited to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have about ESI, our courses and our programs. 

We are looking into the future with a very promising outlook. We want you to be a part of our bright new future and emerging community. Please start a conversation with us about your learning outcomes, expectations and goals for the future. We are eager to hear from you.

Warm Wishes,

Trace Whitley, MATP

Co-Founder Haven Int. & ESI




Title: Aspects of Visionary Art and the Sacred

Instructor: Suzy Adra, M.A.

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: This course is a historical overview of visionary art, its definitions, philosophies, characteristics, and master figures. Visionary art is that which comes from the inner world or the soul, and translates that which is numinous. The course will include, and is not limited to the production of a final project, with a sacred art theme, using the medium of choice. The project will be discussed and critiqued as a group.


Title: The Contemporary Experience of Mothering

Instructor: Chimine Arfuso, M.A.

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: In this course we will examine art, literature, academic scholarship, and other mediums to explore the social construct of mothering. The goal is to gain deeper understanding and articulation of the differences between the political, spiritual, and personal experiences of mothering.

Cont. Mothering Chimine


Title: Creativity and the Divine Feminine

Instructor: Jessica Bowman, M.A.

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: This course will explore the transformative relationship between the creation of art and the pursuit of spirituality through the feminist lens. The basis of this work is the understanding that all have the right to see women portrayed as a sacred entity and that creativity as a sacred practice can lead to personal transformation and healing. Aspects of contemporary symbolism, intentional creativity, and sacred modalities will be combined to facilitate a deeper connection to the Divine.  

C and D Bowman


Title: Dancing the Sacred Wheel

Instructor: Dr. Martha Brumbaugh, PhD

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: The Wheel of the Year is common to many of the indigenous peoples of the earth.  This course will examine the seven directions in a cross-cultural approach to creating altars, rituals, and daily practices.  We will focus on the lived-experience of each direction through keeping a journal, sharing visual pieces, poetry, prose, and music.  The course is designed for everyone, regardless of experience or spiritual path.


Title: Mystery of the Moon

Instructor: Sahar Joya, B.A.

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: “My ending is my beginning.” In this course we will explore the 13 phases/faces of the moon as a pattern for the unfolding of creative energy and a feminine process of creation and creativity. During the 14 weeks of the course, we will learn about and activate the wisdom and teachings of each phase of the moon, in a playful way through mixed media creative art processes and other acts of creative expression. Bring your Muses to this Feminine Mystery school training! We are going to have lots of FUN and be exposed to some magical cool tricks! She doesn’t like being bored!


Title: Emergent Practices for Emergent Projects

Instructor: Dr. Amber Balk, PhD

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: In this 14-week online course, we will access our healing gifts through spiritual practice. We’ll learn about worldwide traditions, gain practical tools, and share our sacred journeys by utilizing the flexibility and versatility of the online classroom! Come explore spiritual and healing traditions and deepen your spiritual gifts.

Spirit Emerging Course Ad


Title: Human-Animal Relationships in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Instructor: Drucilla Pettibone, M.A.

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: How can we heal and reshape our relationships with animals in the 21st century?  In this course, we will explore human-animal relationships and pay particular attention to how culture, class, and religion shape our perceptions and even our very definitions of animal and human.

What would humane education look like if we begin with ourselves?  By welcoming all views, we will hold a unique space for sharing openly with each other, and create a constructive discourse among those of us with varied experiences and ideologies.  This course will thereby model our love for all animals (human and other) and enact our desire to make the Earth a safe home for all.  


Title: Social Justice and The Creative Muse

Instructors: Keisha Thorpe, MFA-W and Adrian Mack, M.A.

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: The muse of creativity and social movements are inexplicably linked. This course will explore those linkages via the creative outlets of music, literature, film, images, & performance, beginning with the Civil Rights Movement to present day.
Social Justice and the Creative Muse Mack and Thorpe revision

Summer  2016



Title: Revelations: Your Secret Life Revealed Through Daydreams, Nightmares, and Visions of the Future

Instructor: Dr. Luisah Teish, PhD

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

This 14-week course examines the ways in which nature, the ancestors, and our own higher consciousness speak to us in dreams.  It introduces the participant to the myth and folklore about dreams drawn from the cultures of the African diaspora.

It includes songs for the deities of the deep, works of art created to enhance dreaming, and rituals for dream sharing and manifestation in the real world.

Revelations Teish


Title: Supernatural Beliefs and Practices of the World

Instructor: Brita Wynn, M.A.

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: Exploration of supernatural beliefs and practices around the world and over time. Cross-cultural survey and analysis of the forms, functions, and interpretations of myths, rituals, altered states of consciousness, spirit possession, messianic and cargo cults, witchcraft, ethnomedicine and entheogenics, and healing spiritual traditions. Investigation of the relationship between medicine, science, myth, and supernatural belief systems cross-culturally in non-Western societies in contrast to Western Cultures.

FALL 2016





Title: Feminist Consciousness and Performance

Instructor: Jennifer Ortiz, M.A.

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: Feminist Consciousness is embodied through art, language, spirituality, and performance. From the right to vote to contemporary issues, women have used staged theatrics and music to give voices to the voiceless and attention to the invisible.

Feminist Counsciousness Ortiz 2


Title: Re-Imagining the Past: Women Shaping Culture through Nature

Instructor: Kristen Calvert

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Course Description: Through Creative Inquiry, historical evidence, and hands-on art projects, we will explore how some of the early origins of culture were formed through our interpretations of ourselves and our environments.  In particular, we will explore ancient women’s creative contributions to early societies.


Imagination Is Born

The shaft of light in the darkness, becoming the spark in the mind: creativity is awakened.

Hands and hearts become enlivened as we strive to create the oneness we find in nature;

struggling to go beyond surviving into becoming.

Forming connections with others; until the spark becomes the fires that light the world with the dawning of perception, of what could be… and imagination is born.

Imagination is born from the seeds of the earth and watchful eyes: as we learn to mix and grind fruits, flowers, herbs learning the culinary arts of sensuous survival.

Imagination is born on flight: as we observe the birds soaring into the unknown and diving beneath the waves of limitless possibilities.

Imagination is born on the surface: as we paint on our bodies and earth’s hollows with the expressions of our hearts while singing to the moon of our mothers.

Imagination is born from roots threads: as we learn to weave our legends and truths into existence for our future.

Imagination is born as we learn how to move beyond survival into the light.

Kristen Calvert Re-Imagining the Past


Title: Self-Actualization and The Walking Dead (TV Series)

Instructor: Trace Whitley, MATP

Length: 14 Weeks

Tuition: $600 plus fees

Credits: 3

Walking Dead Book

Click Here to Purchase a copy of your Textbook!

Course Description: One morning you wake to the realization that you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse… What one object would you take with you in order to survive and thrive against almost certain death? This course will reflect specifically on The Walking Dead TV series and how its characters move through their own Dark Night of the Soul in a world filled with uncertainty, emotional and physical extremes, deep sorrow, and death. Is self-actualization even obtainable under such conditions? How can we rise above our animal natures and obtain transcendence in a world gone mad? Bring your answer to the first class!

Walking Dead Whitley

“Self-Awareness is a beautiful thing. You should try it sometime.” – Bob Stookey, The Walking Dead



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