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Student Leadership

Leadership is important to us here at ESI. We believe that no matter where students come from, they can be agents of change in our world. We know that change starts with ourselves and then grows into a unified movement supported by many other individuals– leaders in their own right — a process that sparks grassroots community engagement and global action on a huge scale. There are a number of ways to become a leader at ESI.


ESI encourages students to participate in governance with faculty, staff and board members. We believe, like the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), that group leadership through concentric circles is not only possible but necessary. In a true consensus government, everyone has a voice. As a member of the student council you are empowered to be a leader of the student body, someone able to respond to fellow students’ wishes for their institute’s change, growth and future prosperity.


Members of the Community Council (CC) participate in planning ESI student activities, volunteer at in-house and public events (On-the-Ground Intensives, seminars, and student recruitment gatherings), and manage ESI’s affiliation groups. Their main focus is students’ wellbeing, community engagement, and recreation. CC leaders choose to be of service to their fellow students, just not in quite the same way as in student government.


More information to come.


Spiritual In-Touch Programs mentor students wishing to be spiritual leaders in their communities. Regardless of creed or religious background, students are given opportunities to share a message at their local places of worship and appropriate public events (leading meditations, invocations, drumming circles, etc.) and to serve as spiritual-guides-in-training for fellow students.


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