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What would our world continue to be like if we did not seek to change perceptions, physical reality through sustainable living, and embrace connective spiritual growth? How do you want to make a change in the world?

Emergent Studies Institute believes in supporting both technological innovation and our spiritual connection to each other and the Earth. Technology gives us the ability to connect around the world in seconds and access to the knowledge needed to bring about sustainable change on a global level. Connecting with Mother Earth… Getting in touch with ourselves within nature… These are the things that build inner growth and a sustained spiritual life; all necessary to step into a new paradigm. 

General Class Information:

  • We encourage our community of students and faculty to work collaboratively, forging bonds and building bridges of global stewardship by directly applying their knowledge and course material to real world situations.
  • Classroom ratios are typically one instructor per fifteen students, which gives our students a more in-depth and personal experience with their instructor and classmates.
  • All courses are taught completely online through our learning platform (Google Classroom).  On-the-ground courses are taught during On-the-Ground Intensives .
  • All instructors use Google Hangout for video group discussions once a week.  Students may schedule one-on-one chats using Skype or Google Hangout with classmates, instructors, or administrators.
  • Students are expected to connect with instructors and each other at least once a week on the Google Classroom learning platform, where they will submit any assignments and receive their grades.
  • Please refer to the Student Handbook for a detailed look at the Student Experience at ESI.

Spirit Emerging, Wisdom Unfolding


  • ENR – Enrichment
    • These Courses are designed to give you an in depth study of a topic no matter what your education level. These courses are great for anyone wanting to explore one of these emerging themes or take an elective for one of our Certificate and/or Degree Programs.

For more information about Faculty Members please visit our, Meet the Faculty page. 


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