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Transpersonal Psychology

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I took a shot at an essay competition that my school is holding. The instruction was to describe the meaning of ‘transpersonal’ in a thousand words or fewer and provide an image to support that description. Since submitting the essay, I have had to take a leave of absence from the school before completing my final year of what has been an arduous yet wonderful PhD journey. I think my leave of absence may have disqualified me from the contest, but that’s okay! I have loved the process of writing this and want to share it through this medium:

The Person is Transpersonal

If you were to ask five transpersonal psychologists about the meaning of transpersonal, my guess is you would get about 33 responses, some of which will include an explanation, others a dance, a deep breath, a family tree, musical expression, artistic trance, a gaze at the stars…

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