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NEW THEME: Transpersonal

Alexius' Duality Hacks

Stanislav Grof about transpersonal: »The common denominator of this otherwise rich and ramified group of phenomena is the feeling of the individual that his consciousness expanded beyond the usual ego boundaries and the limitations of time and space«.

If you go beyond the personality you become transpersonal. This is what most spiritual seeking persons are looking for. But in the eyes of this blog to become transpersonal does not really change anything. Personal and transpersonal are just two sides of the same coin and both sides are part of living in a capsule of time and space, even though the two sides appear to be different.

In the formlessness of non-duality you cannot feel any phenomena. There is only room for one in non-duality, and it takes two to feel. This applies also to expanding consciousness. The idea of expanding limitations does solely apply to those, who believe they are a person in a…

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