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ONLINE Dynamic Courses

Emergent Studies Institute is offering dynamic online courses taught by experts in their respective fields. These faculty and courses are completely different than what other programs or institutions are offering.

Tired of online classes where students are an after thought?
Our faculty meets with students at least once a week in video chat as well as engage with students in our simple and user-friendly online educational platform, OpenClass by Pearson.

Do you want something different and unique in your classroom experience?
Our courses follow an Emergent or extremely fluid method of education, allowing students to be a part of the classroom experience. In a sense themselves shaping how the course will unfolding over it’s length, what sub-topics will be covered based on what the students are interested in or have a passion for learning.

Concerned about price? We offer a two part payment plan and are mindful about book and course material costs.

Why wait…Fill out an online application today or email our amazing academic adviser to talk about what you are looking for in a program and how you can join our growing community of seekers.


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