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Awakening to the Possible: Shamanic Journeys

An amazing blog post by our Academic Dean and faculty member Martha Brumbaugh, PhD. She will be offering a course Dancing the Sacred Wheel on Feb. 8th, 2016. Reserve your spot today in her course! http://www.emergentstudiesinstitute.org

The Edge of Lemuria

In thinking about my upcoming class at Emergent Studies Institute, I decided to use the Shamanic journey as a tool for discovery.  When asked about it, it seemed to me that perhaps a section of my doctoral dissertation might be the best way to tell you about it.  In this section, I reflect on the experiences of my co-researchers through the lens of Organic Inquiry, a qualitative research method.

I hope that the stories inspire you to think about the unlimitedness of possibility, and to think about taking the class.


Awakening to the Possible: Journeys

“Diana’s experience with her first journey sums up quite nicely the skepticism with which the many people regard our work, and shamanism as a whole.  It can be difficult for someone new to the concepts of non-ordinary ways of knowing to embrace their first experience.

Diana stretched out on the carpeted floor with a…

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