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University of Copenhagen Library

University of Copenhagen Library

“Cut not the wings of your dreams,

for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul.”

~ Flavia

Emergent Studies Institute courses are currently organized into a variety of departments based on our mission of spiritual education and global change. We actively engage in emergence, meaning that our departments and specializations may always evolve and grow as time goes by and different interests emerge. We take pride in focusing on the needs of our ever changing and growing global community.

We embrace the concept of Emergent Education, in the virtual classroom, to activate imaginations and engage in transformation. This approach is a beautiful alternative to the patriarchal structure currently used in public education which employs linear thinking and utilizes pre-determined learning outcomes identified by those ‘experts’ outside the classroom and established before students walk in the door regardless of their skills, background or interests.  In addition, we utilize Emergent Curriculum which relies on the experts inside the classroom and educational organization to create courses that are relevant and powerful. We encourage and cultivate each individual teacher’s creativity, community co-creation and attentiveness to individual learners. Emergent curriculum activates teacher creativity and student learning for the benefit of all.

Certificate Program: We believe that spiritual practices and/or expressions solidify our connection daily with the divine. Actively engaging our body/mind/spirit in healing practices such as walks in nature, meditation, artistic expression, act of kindness and music can be an important spiritual anchor. This spiritual foundation then becomes crucial as our students take what they have learned to go out into the world and be a part of creating positive change.

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